Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to restore the machine after I ruined an 1box so that a new 1box can be installed on this machine?

I installed an 1box. I copied and deleted some files/folders to try something out. Then I used the uninstall script to uninstall the 1box. When I ran the install script to reinstall the 1box, I found a database cannot be installed. How can I restore my machine so that I can install a new 1box correctly?

I got a solution for this case. When I ran "msiexec /x mydb.msi" to uninstalled this db component, I got error. Then I copied mydb.mdf and mydb.ldf from another machine over and installed this db manually. After this, "msiexec /x mydb.msi" works correctly. After uninstalling mydb, I copied the commandline from the 1box installation script and ran it in a command window. Then this db is installed correctly by this commandline. The commandline for installing coredb is:
"start /wait msiexec /i MyDB.msi SEV_COREDB_NAME=MyDB /l*v installMyDB.log"

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